Sheikh Yassir Fazaga

Sheikh Yassir Fazaga is an inspiring, multi-lingual speaker. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Islamic Studies from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Sciences in Virginia; and received a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from the California State University of Long Beach.

Sheikh Yassir serves as the Religious Leader of Orange County Islamic Foundation (OCIF) in Mission Viejo, California. He is the Director of Mental Health Department at Access California Social Services Agency in Anaheim, where he helps families with different challenges in life which include: domestic violence issues, communication problems, marital matters, generational gap, difficult teens, some mental and personality disorders, divorce, grief, and single parenting, among others.

        Dr. Ingrid Mattson

Dr. Ingrid Mattson is the London and Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies at Huron University College at Western University in Canada.

Dr. Mattson was educated in Canada and the United States, earning a PhD from the University of Chicago in 1999. From 1998 to 2012 she was Professor of Islamic Studies at Hartford Seminary in CT where she developed and directed the first accredited graduate program for Muslim chaplains in America, and served as Director of the Macdonald Center for the Study of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations. From 2001-2010 Dr. Mattson served as vice-president, then as president of the Islamic Society of North America (USA), the first woman to serve in either position. Her writings, both academic and public, focus primarily Qur’an interpretation, Islamic theological ethics and interfaith relations. Her book, The Story of the Qur’an, is an academic best-seller and was chosen by the US National Endowment for the Humanities for inclusion in its “Bridging Cultures” program.

       Imam Yasin Dwyer

Yasin Dwyer was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba to parents of Jamaican heritage. Before joining Muslim Chaplaincy at Ryerson University in 2016, Yasin was a part of the multi-faith chaplaincy team at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He has lectured extensively on topics such as spirituality and the arts, Black Canadian culture and the history of Muslims in the west. Along with working alongside many non-profit organizations in Canada, Yasin was the first full-time Canadian Muslim chaplain to work with the Correctional Service of Canada, a position he held for 12 years. Yasin has a passionate dedication to expressing Canadian Muslim narratives through the visual, auditory and performing arts.

         Bilquis Abdul-Qaadir

After record breaking performances, her dream to play professionally quickly ended due to the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rule prohibiting head gear larger than five inches. Unwilling to stray in her beliefs, Bilqis chose faith over basketball. Through an op-ed published by TIME, an open letter signed by Olympic, retired and professional athletes, high-level speaking engagements and interviews with BBC Sport – and their 55 million strong audience, Bilqis raised her voice for the next generation while her own dream was benched. In May 2017, FIBA overturned the hijab ban.

        Dr. Munir El-Kassem

Dr. Munir El-Kassem is a dentist by profession and an Islamic Da’ee by heart. His Da’wa spans more than four decades during which he delivered lectures throughout Canada, parts of USA, Middle East and the Caribbean. His focus is on family issues, youth challenges, and ways to apply Islamic teachings in daily life. He has many books to his credit and continues to write on a variety of topics of interest to Muslims in the West. Dr. El-Kassem produced hundreds of videos over the years. They can all be accessed on his YouTube channel and most of his Da’wa can be followed on his website:

              Raghad Ebied

Raghad Ebied is the best selling author of “Hope Rekindled: A Heart Empowered”, a book of poetry, prose and reflections on hope, healing, empowerment, and faith. She is also the co-author of an arabic/English children’s book series called “Hadi’s Adventures” which promotes positive values, creativity and diversity by featuring a Muslim family. She provides training, consulting and research in the fields of education reform, equity and inclusion, well-being, compassion and overall personal development.  She is an Ontario Certified Teacher with a Masters in Educational Leadership and is currently pursuing additional graduate studies in education at Western University. Find our more about Raghad’s work here:

              Ambreen Yousaf

Ambreen has completed her  Masters in Counselling Psychology, and currently practices as a counsellor  in Mississuaga. She is also a Certified Life Skills Coach (Level 1), which gives her the skills to coach individuals on self, family, community and work. She believes that awareness of self, thoughts and feelings are an essential aspect of one’s well-being. Through her work as counsellor with a Muslim Youth Helpline (NASEEHA), she has acquired skills in helping youth struggling with issues of identity, stress, anger, parent-child conflict, relationships, Islamophobia and a broad range of mental health problems and life challenges. She also has experience as a community facilitator working on projects for family violence and violence against women.